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What is PeakRx Therapy?

Performance-based physical therapy and wellness clinic, focused on helping everyday athletes move and live well. Click below to learn more.

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Pain Stopping You From Living Your Life?

Do you find yourself limited in the things you love due to pain? Have you given up on specific activities because of an injury that never went away? Or maybe you're not happy with your current therapy provider and want to be doing more?

PeakRx is a new breed of therapy, bringing together rehab and performance to help each person move and live their best.

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A Word from Brooke

The goal of PeakRx Therapy is to get you back to doing what you love while moving and feeling the best.

So whether that is Crossfit, training for a half marathon, or playing in the back yard with your kids, we all want to do the things we love, pain free.

I do not believe age, injury or diagnosis should dictate how life is lived. I have spent my life trying to move as best as I can, and my career learning how to help others do the same.

I believe freedom can be found in gaining strength, mobility and the education to properly use both in every day and recreational activities.

  • “Brooke was able to mend my shoulder and my soul at the same time. She's exactly what you need in a physical therapist. I am forever grateful for her!
    — Lauren M., Thriving after 2 SLAP repairs
  • “Best therapist ever. Professional and so very encouraging.
    — Debbie C., Humerus Fracture
  • “She is a true professional who's passion and knowledge makes her the best! Don't let her smile fool you though, she is tough but it is only because she wants the best for you.
    — Cheryl M., Knee Pain
  • “Brooke is amazing! She is one of the smartest physical therapist I know. She's tough and I love it!
    — Karen G., Shoulder Impingement
  • “Brooke is very thourough in her assessment and treatment. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to fix me!
    — Kevin B., Low Back Pain

Am I the right Therapist for you?

You want to make sure you find someone who understands your problem, knows your sport or activity and uses evidence-based treatment to ensure best results for you on your journey.

There are great therapists all around D/FW, but if you're interested in teaming up then let's setup a time to chat and see if we are a good fit.


Patients First

PeakRx Therapy was established to provide patients with the education and tools to move well, decrease pain and optimize their performance to live life to their full potential.

Personalized Treatment

Your plan of care is customized for you. This includes home exercise programs, activity modification, and advanced manual techniques. The goal of PeakRx Therapy is to get you back to doing what you love while feeling your best. Our personal touch allows you to get back to your best self quickly.

Focused Attention

PeakRx Therapy provides 1-on-1, 60 minute sessions for each patient. Each visit will be geared specifically to your needs to help feel better, move better, and reach your goals.

Movement & Training Tips

Check out the latest insights into therapy, training, and wellness.

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