Kipping on the bar is normally something that goes away early in pregnancy and last to come back due to the tension it puts on the front of our bellies. ⁠⠀
Once you get pregnant, core needs to be worked on, but no longer in an arch to hollow manner (kipping, crunches, sits up etc) but in a deeper, more stabilizing way. ⁠⠀
there is no magic timeline of when you are appropriate to getting back to the rig. Once my clients are established on a pelvic floor/core routine, cleared of DRA/prolapse etc – here are some of the exercises i will give to get them back to it! ⁠⠀
Kipping is a core exercise, not a shoulder exercise. being able to engage and move from your middle is the correct way. Here are a few of the modifications I will give to patients to help them slowly get back.

The following exercises are potential scales to gradually work towards kipping. My advice is to build up to atleast 60 sec of each exercise without breaking. Each must be done without symptoms, without breathholds and without excessive coning of your midline. I encourage moms to film themselves to check in and see how they look when performing.

Give these a go!

Bar Hangs 


Arch to Hollow – double leg support

Arch to Hollow – single leg support 

Arch to Hollow


These are general exercises and not medical advice. If you find it hard to complete without symptoms, find some one to help guide you through a more customized return to the bar!